About Us

We are the Novaks.  2014-07-26 004John, Kara, and daughter Clare.    I work as a Designer with VELOCIPEDE architects.

We bought this property back in 2008. The current house is small at about 700 square-feet with 1 bedroom and a bathroom that you enter through the bedroom.  It was a shack, built for a sailor so has no foundation and is made up of a hodgepodge of different materials. It has been a great house, but we are out growing it and adding on would not make financial sense.  We need a bigger place!  But we also love our neighborhood – we are close to so many shops and restaurants, and being that it is low on the hill, it is easy to bike everywhere.  Fremont claims to be the center of the universe, but I think we are – right between Ballard and Fremont. Or as we like to say, “Frelard”.

House Photo1
The house in 2008

So we decided to build a new house in our front yard and tear down the existing house in order to have a large backyard and maybe someday build an accessory dwelling unit if we ever need more space.

I designed the new house and am working with Tony and Dan of Abode Builders to build it.

Click here to view photos of the construction process